Monday, August 17, 2015

Aris: Investors bullish on corporate farming

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August 16, 2015

REP. Erico Aristotle Aumentado’s (Bohol, 2nd District) exploration for still another livelihood scheme for farmers is nearing realization.

This after two investors he met expressed willingness to venture into corporate farming.

The solon said the investors will conduct a feasibility study in order to draw the best scheme to implement the program.

The study will also draw the criteria qualifying farmers for the program.
Under the scheme, the investors will spend for everything needed to plant palay – the farmers do not spend anything at all.

On top of that, Aumentado said the investors will pay at least the minimum wage to the farmers for the land preparation and rice planting, weeding and fertilization as well as pay rent for the use of their lands.

He added that the investors will assume the risks brought on by typhoons, drought, pest infestations and the like.
On top of that, participating farmers will also be enrolled with the Social Security System (SSS) so that after years of work while in their prime, they can have support to tide them over during their sunset years.

The investors admitted that they chose to partner with the solon for this venture after knowing fully the brand of leadership the Aumentados have.


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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bohol-Cebu bridge on

Bohol-Cebu Friendship Bridge design

If the new Bohol Airport which construction will start this month took decades before it got implemented, the proposed Bohol-Cebu Friendship bridge is forecast not to take that long considering the economic viability of the project.

This was the identical statement issued by Gov. Edgar Chatto and Rep.Aris Aumentado who are both bullish about the realization of the project.

Rep. Aumentado said initial meetings were already conducted among three Philippine based  and a foreign investor who are interested to work on the project under the Private Public Project modality. The young solon told The Chronicle last Friday that he wants to “make a dream come true” of his late father, Erico Aumentado in whose term as governor this project was conceptualized.

The proposed 22-km. bridge  linking  the two provinces will be connected from Getafe town in Bohol and Cordova, Mactan in Cebu.

It may be  recalled that it was during the term of the late Gov. Aumentado that the idea of a bridge linking Bohol and Cebu was thought about. The Chronicle was privy to the start of the project’s conceptualization which the late governor termed as the “3-in-1″ project. The business components of the project includes water, power, trade and commerce.

This  “3-in-1″ project which is a 22 km. bridge will make possible the selling of  water from Inabanga River to Mactan through a water pipe attached to the bridge and at the same time bring in cheaper power from Cebu to Bohol. The third component which would make the Friendship Bridge even more economically viable is the income to be derived through the trade and commerce bringing in goods and commuters as well as tourists between the two bustling provinces of Central Visayas.

Rep. Aumentado is scheduled to meet  interested investors of the  project which is estimated to cost some $2.5 billion using a floating bridge technology with an viaduct. Because of the huge investment in implementing the project, the fund is expected to come from private investors who at this early stage found the economic viability of the project.
The solon said  private investors have shown interest in the project. He even quoted some investors saying the bridge to be more economically viable than the new airport in Panglao.

Rep. Aumentado said the investors, once organized, would conduct the feasibility project  which is expected to be completed in a couple of years.  The “corporate vehicle” is expected to be established during the meeting at the end of this month in Manila.

For his part,  Gov, Chatto when interviewed by The Chronicle said he endorsed the project for funding during a meeting held last Tuesday with the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Department of Budget as well as with other national government agencies at the NEDA Central offices in Manila. He said the proposed bridge is among the projects being considered to be funded in the 2016 General Appropriations Act of the national government. --- END 


Jatropha mill, biodiesel plants & 'agropolis' to rise in Aris turf

Rep. Erico Aris C. Aumentado, 2nd District Bohol
By June S. Blanco

AN “AGROPOLIS” will soon rise in Bohol's 2nd District.

This after Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado, together with Malaysian investors Bionas, led switching on ceremonies in Dagohoy town Thursday for a jatropha press mill, processing plants for both jatropha and seaweeds (guso), townhouse type resorts – with a stadium, commercial centers, recreational centers, clubhouse and swimming pool, airport and seaport – in an agriculture-oriented metropolis hence, agropolis. Studies have shown that jatropha – tuba-tuba or kasla in the dialect and guso – are top producers of biodiesel or “green” fuel that minimizes carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the exhaust pipes of engines caused mainly by partial combustion.

Aumentado said from Dagohoy, the jatropha extract will be brought to Ubay town where the processing plant will be located. The same holds true for the seaweeds, considering that Ubay has seaports viable for expansion when the time comes, and an airport waiting for development. The solon said the project will provide additional income for rice, corn and coconut farmers. These are the staple crops of Bohol while jatropha remains to be considered a wild plant and used as a quack doctor's favorite prescription for a range of maladies. On the other hand, guso will provide additional income for fishermen. In both cases, the Malaysian investors will provide competitive buying prices – higher than the going rates, he added.

He said the resort will construct an initial 303 rooms – targeting 3,000 rooms in five years. The Bionas investors – coming from 49 countries – will be required to visit the agropolis at least once a year. Under the time sharing concept, they will be staying in their choice of rooms in the resort that they financed. The rooms will be rented out to transients when they return to their respective mother countries where they will campaign for tourists and vacationers. Aumentado said top architectural firms will be presenting their designs for the biggest hotel cum resort by next month for the investors to choose from so that construction can start next year. He also assured his constituents that the laborers, hotel/resort staff including the cooks, chambermaids and even managers – if they qualify – will be taken from the local work force. --- END


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aris: Livelihood support universal


THE livelihood support Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado churns out for his constituents in Bohol’s 2nd District is “universal”.

The solon said his beneficiaries are groups, be they progressive or still budding. He crosses political party lines, following in the footsteps of his namesake father and predecessor Erico Boyles Aumentado.

The son said his father’s formula in alleviating the poverty of the Boholanos during his time was bringing livelihood assistance to kanhi rebelde (KRs) or former rebels and non-KRs alike.

The two-pronged approach of combat, and livelihood support, for the KRs and their sympathizers after the armed conflict won for Bohol the fight against insurgency, he recalled.

The younger Aumentado observed that more often than not, people who feel neglected by the government because of poor delivery of basic services, if at all, are easily swayed into the rebel movement by the sweet-talking of recruiters who promise land, money, medicine for sick relatives, scholarships for their children, and even firearms, ammunition and allowances, especially if they join the armed group.

The formula was successful so that former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Administrative Order 201, s. 2007, making the Bohol experience of civilian-led counterinsurgency the template for emulation nationwide.

This drives the solon to extend his helping hand to those in dire need – to make them feel being cared for by the government.

Another footstep he is taking after his father is integrity. To note, the elder Aumentado earned the moniker “Mr. Clean” in Congress. He had completed three terms as congressman before assuming the Bohol gubernatorial seat for an unprecedented nine years.

He was into his fourth term as congressman when death overtook him on Christmas Day of 2012. Yet, he is Bohol’s only veteran leader and politician not involved in the misuse of public funds, particularly the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aris gives option to illegal fishing

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ILLEGAL fishing is always tempting.

For a fisherman who has had rough times with a growing family and debts, blast and fine meshed nets fishing can be the solution that even sparks hope for a brighter future.

It smells smack of a Cinderella story – another rags-to-riches episode that sadly, however, is not sustainable. It is short-lived and immediately snuffs out that spark of hope even before it ignites.

Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado of Bohol’s 2nd District decided to make the difference for the fishermen among his constituents.

“Unless one is born with the proverbial golden spoon in the mouth, today’s high cost of living can be intimidating,” Aumentado said.

To wean the fishermen from thoughts of – and getting a crack at – the high risk path to “getting rich quick” by engaging in illegal fishing, the solon tapped the resources of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for project proposal preparation trainings and funding for alternative livelihood for them.

These past two weeks, he has been island-hopping in Bien Unido town to provide funds to the fishermen and women’s groups according to the projects they proposed.

Implementing fishery laws is the province of the executive department but providing funding and technical assistance can very well be done by the legislative department, he explained.

The projects range from pumpboats and fishing nets to replace those washed away by supertyphoon Yolanda, seaweeds or guso planting, planting materials and fertilizers for the farmers in the islands and even livestock or goat and native chicken dispersal with incubator for the eggs so that the chickens can lay eggs continuously for the women’s groups.

This way, the solon said, the fishermen can continue fishing using legal methods, augment their income with the seaweeds and the goat and chickens plus eggs for sale and consumption.

He said he will also replicate best practices of these beneficiaries to counterparts in the islands of other towns as well as the mainland within the district. --- END


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aussie investor bullish to build Bohol-Cebu bridge, power plant

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AN AUSTRALIAN investor is bullish to build the Bohol-Cebu Friendship Bridge and a renewable energy power plant. Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado (Bohol, 2ndDistrict) met with the investor who said he just needs the green light to fund the construction of the bridge until completion under the public-private partnership program. To recoup his investment, the investor said he will charge toll fees as a fund recovery mechanism provided in the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Law. The investor, the solon said, is ready to fund the feasibility study and detailed engineering design to prepare the groundwork for the construction. The bridge, estimated to be 22 kilometers long and costing between P30 billion to P35 billion, will make Bohol accessible to the Cebu market not only in terms of goods and services but also in terms of tourist influx. Aumentado is equally bullish for this project, this being the brainchild of his father and namesake, the late Rep. Erico Boyles Aumentado. The son recalls the excitement of his father every time he discussed the project with prospective investors. The father was a visionary – always thinking ahead of his time. He caused the concreting of the Bohol Circumferential Road, allowing easy transport of goods from the towns to the Tagbilaran market, hastening the economic development of the towns. Even the proposed Panglao Airport, conceived during the time of former Gov. Constancio Torralba and pursued by his successors in former governors David Tirol and Rene Relampagos, made big strides during Aumentado's incumbency as governor. The Bohol-Cebu Friendship Bridge opening up opportunities for farmers, the unemployed and for tourism is classic “Erico Aumentado mind”at work.

The Australian investor promised the young congressman that his company will mobilize resources to bankroll this project that will leapfrog Bohol's development in the light of the ASEAN economic integration. Rep. Aris says he wants to strengthen the agriculture development of the 2nd District to capitalize on the integration. On top of the bridge, Aumentado said the investor is exploring the possibility of putting up a 15-megawatt (MW) renewable power plant to support the investment initiatives of the province. To recall, as early as 2007, then Gov. Aumentado had predicted that by 2015 to 2018, Bohol will suffer from severe power shortage, especially with the construction of the Panglao Airport that is expected to need between 20-25 MW. He had invited investors like the Ayalas to fill in the power gaps. Even the multi-purpose Northern Bohol Basin initiated by the late governor and pursued by his congressman son is expected to produce another 10 MW. Adding to this the 15 MW renewable energy the Australian investor's company will put up, will strengthen Bohol's infrastructure development to entice investors to locate in the province. --- END

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NEA allots P33.5-M to energize Aris turf

Bien Unido, Bohol


MALINGIN Island off Bien Unido town and 22 other far-flung barangays in Bohol's 2nd District stand to be fully energized with an allocation from the National Electrification Administration (NEA). In a letter to Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado, NEA Administrator Edita Bueno assured him that her office has P33.5 million to support his energization program. While all towns in Bohol are already fully energized, some islands, islets and mountain barangays in the mainland do not enjoy power yet because these are considered missionary electrification being “out of the way” and requiring large capital outlay for infrastructure. Aumentado however still wants to energize these barangays in order to facilitate the economic uplift of the barangay folks like the fishing community of Malingin.

He said bringing electricity to the island will allow government to establish a post-catch facility to preserve excess catch and not force the fisher folks to sell at a low price otherwise these will go to waste. Minimal sales will not allow them to live better lives, he explained. Energization used to be a tripartite endeavor of NEA that provided funds and technical assistance, the Bohol Electric Cooperative (Boheco) that provided the infrastructure and also technical assistance, and the solon's father and namesake-predecessor, Rep. Erico Boyles Aumentado who provided counterpart funding from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). The PDAF has since been scrapped so that the younger solon now depends on the budget of concerned departments for his pet projects.

Once energized, Aumentado said, Malingin can push for the construction of a cold storage plant to keep their excess catch – and prices. Energization will also allow the sprouting of micro-businesses, he added. The solon said there can be no development unless the basic infrastructures are put in place. Entrepreneurs will need power to run their businesses and machines. Students will find studying at night difficult due to the absence of power. When they cannot study, he said, there is a big likelihood that they will drop out from school. To recall, Aumentado – and his father before him – had distributed computers and monitors to all high schools and the barangays in the second district. But the teachers and students cannot use them without electricity.  Meanwhile, Aumentado distributed pumpboats and fishnets to fisherfolks in the island barangays to support their livelihood after they were devastated by typhoon Yolanda. The officials of these barangays expressed gratitude to Aumentado for his support after the typhoon rendered them jobless when their bancas capsized and their fishnets were washed away by strong waves. The solon had tapped the Department of Labor and Employment to fund the pumpboat and fishnet projects. --- END

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